The Low Down on LockDown Business

LockDown Business is an encrypted communication platform that offers businesses tight controls over the information they send and share. Here is everything you need to know to understand how LockDown works, and how it’s used. 

Where do I use LockDown? 

LockDown is available on Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone.

What is LockDown?

LockDown is an out-of-band, containerized environment for your business. Think of it as your company’s private world for secure communication and file sharing. Inside your private world you can assign different employees to different positions with varying permissions and controls.

LockDown Positions 

Only people within your LockDown company account can communicate with one another. LockDown has five positions: 


  • Owners have complete access within LockDown and can see all activity.


  • Admins have the ability to set up and manage the company account without seeing all content.


  • Managers can create Vaults and invite members/guests to the company account.

Members and Guests

  • Members (employees) and Guests (external partners, vendors, customers, etc) can create DMs and participate in Vaults they’re invited to. 


Vaults are secure containers for group conversations and file sharing with fluid membership permissions. People can be brought into, and removed from Vaults as desired by whoever is leading the Vault (called Vault Moderators).

Vault Moderators control what all other roles/people are permitted to do with files shared in the Vault, including permissions to export, print and copy content.

Benefits of Vaults

  • Quick and easy to set up for specific projects or topics
  • Can bring people in and out as needed
  • Ability to collaborate with people (inside and outside of your company) while technology automatically enforces the rules of engagement (eg: enforcing an NDA)
  • Set and change permissions in real-time on a flexible, on a role-by-role basis to ensure nothing leaks and policy is followed


Direct Messages (DMs) are great for one-on-one or group conversations and file sharing with a group of people in the safety and privacy of your company’s private world.

Interested in using LockDown for your business? Join the waitlist to try LockDown Business free for 14 days today.

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