So Your Child is Headed Off to College… Here’s Why You Need LockDown

The grad caps have been tossed, a long awaited high school diploma has been received, and it’s time for your kid to leave the nest. There’s no doubt you have a long shopping list: new clothes, dorm essentials, laundry supplies, and more. Here’s why you should add LockDown to the top of your college packing list.

As a rising senior at Miami University, I was surprised by how frequently I requested sensitive information from my parents. If I was feeling sick, I’d need a photo of my insurance card. If I was filling out forms, I’d need a copy of my social. Sometimes, I’d need to share passwords with my parents to access different university websites. I didn’t realize how compromising this was until I found a picture of my mom’s credit card just floating around on my desktop. 

As more college students fall victim to cybercrime via phishing emails and ransomware, you need a solution to ensure you and your child’s information is stored and shared securely. If your child joins countless other students as a victim of cybercrime, this could compromise so much of your family’s information: including passwords, financial documents, and even identities. That’s where LockDown comes in.

With LockDown, you can store all of your sensitive information in one secure location. LockDown is the pinnacle of cutting-edge cybersecurity and ensures your files are safe both in transit and and rest. Not only can you store all of your child’s important information in a vault, but you can also share this information with your child and other family members with complete security.

For example, if your child needs access to your credit card information, you can send it via LockDown. The best part? You can take your message back at any time, this ensures complete security and also makes sure your child doesn’t surprise you with any Amazon purchases on your credit card.

If I knew about LockDown as a freshman in college, it would be at the top of my packing list. LockDown is the most convenient, secure, and comprehensive space to store and share your family’s sensitive information. As your child makes a move into the real world, you don’t have to fear for their cyber safety. After your child leaves the nest, stay connected with your family securely (no matter how far they fly) with LockDown.

But LockDown doesn’t just have to be for your kids, it can help you organize the business of your life. If you’d like to help us understand where this product might be useful to you, take this short survey! Survey participants will be entered to win an amazon gift card, because we know you (and your child) are going to need it.

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