LockDown’s most loved security features – and how to use them

Hey there, this is Annie from LockDown.

During my last 2 years on the team, one of my favorite opportunities has been listening to the needs of our users and solving their problems through our proprietary tech.

This process has helped us build a secure messaging, file storage, and collaboration platform with unique features that aren’t seen in other encrypted communication tools.

This list outlines some of LockDown’s stand-out features along with pro-tips on how to use them.

If these features resonate with your needs at work, reach out to me to learn more about LockDown for Business!

Deleting messages

Have you ever sent something you wish you could take back?

If your answer to this is “yes” (mine is!), rest assured you can permanently delete a message from everyone in a Chat, even after it’s been sent.

Pro Tip: Press and hold on your message to delete, permanently.

Recipient Watermarks

A common question we get from our users is “what if someone takes a picture of their screen and leaks my file or photo?”

Our solution? By default, LockDown adds a watermark with the name and phone number of the person viewing your file or photo. It’s unlikely a person will leak your information if their name/number is all over it.

Pro Tip: If you explicitly trust the person you’re chatting with, you can turn this watermark off.

Audit Log

Need a receipt? LockDown’s audit log tells you the date/time someone viewed your file or photo.

Pro Tip: Fast track to the audit log by pressing and holding on the file/photo and select “View File Activity”. Or,  open the photo and select the button in the bottom right hand corner.


Have you ever noticed when someone sends you a photo on other messaging apps you can click that little export button and you’re presented with all of the places you can send that person’s photo? Options such as text, airdrop, email, Facebook and more are served up on a nice silver platter.

You won’t find that with LockDown. Unless you expressly permit the recipient of your information  to export your file/photo, it’s staying locked down.

Pro Tip: After you take or upload a file/photo, you’ll be presented with a file protection screen. Leave all of the toggles on for the highest level of protection. Adjust as needed.

Contact Privacy

Let’s just say the last time I took the time to clean up the contact list in my phone was….never?  From the landlord of my first apartment to the hairstylist I had to break up with years ago, they’re likely still lingering in my contacts.

Unlike other encrypted messaging apps, to protect your privacy, LockDown does not alert your contacts that you’ve joined LockDown. (This means you won’t get those annoying notifications when your contacts have joined either.)

Pro Tip: You can share your LockDown ID with anyone who you want to communicate with but you don’t want them to have your phone number.

We’re listening. 

At LockDown, we’re always collecting feedback. Listening to our individual users and corporate clients is a top priority within our company. Not only does this help us solve problems for our customers, it also enables us to develop world class features that elevate the security of messaging, file storage, and file sharing. Share with us your favorite features, or let us know what you would like to see!

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